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Feedback for conference by Ruslan Mitkov

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Professor Ruslan Mitkov gave a thought-provoking conference entitled Understanding & Translating Languages; the real pain in the neck for computers and even humans
Thank you to all the students who attended and most importantly wrote a summary about it!

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  1. Last Tuesday we attended an interesting presentation in the EOI with the striking title above. Mary, our English teacher, introduced Prof. Rusian Mitkov, the lecturer, to us.

    He started commenting on the evolution of computers in recent decades to focus his lecture on language features. “The box is in the pen”. With this expression, he showed us the ambiguity of humans language. Therefore, he highlighted the difficulty of computers to do an accurate translation. Not only is he working to improve this aspect but he is strongly committed to providing access to language for people with disability.

    In conclusion, I consider that it has been a valuable and engaging activity. What I value most about it is the fact that it had enabled us to enhance our comprehension skill in a real situation.

    Mª Carmen Cubero, 5º CAL

  2. This week we attended a very interesting lecture by Ruslan Mitkov in our School.
    I found the subject vey unusual and challenging. I never imagine that “Understanding and Translating Languages” by computers was so advanced.
    This type of investigation started in 1947 with the invention of translation machines. Since then until nowadays, these computers have evolved from huge sizes to tiny gadgets.
    Not only was the topic interesting but also the way the professor connected with the people present in the conference. His expositions was clear, using natural expressions but specific information in order to help the comprehension of this complex issue.
    Besides all scientific facts and fascinating data, Dr. Mitkov made us have a very enjoyable experience.
    Paqui Ruiz García, 5º CAL

  3. Last Tuesday,26th January, we were honored to have the presence of Professor Dr. Ruslan Mitcov. He has been working in Natural Languages Processing, Computacional Linguistic and Translation Technology. Besides, he has written several books for Oxford University Press an is a professor at the University of Wolverhampton. Nowadays, he is completing an EC fonded project an Computacional Phraseology at the University of Málaga.
    The tittle of this lecture was "Understanding and Translation Language; the real pain in the neck for computers and even humans". The topic was about the different dificulties which can appear when we try to translate a word,expression or text using computer programs. He focused, particularly,on the troubles when it comes to translate a text, due to the language ambiguity. The lecturer pointed out that the computer programs can only translate from one language to another literally. The professor compared this issue with the Asperger Syndrome.
    Taking into consideration the previously proposed, our lecturer told us that, nowadays, he is researching computer programs in order to provide solutions for language situations such us: false friends, metaphorical and ironical meanings, jokes and sayings. Another aspect of his research is to enhance the conditions of language learning for disabled, for instance, in the case of autistic children. Dr. Ruslan Mitcov conclude his lecture shocking and striking images in which we could be aware of curious linguistic situations that made us laugh.
    From my point of view, the Professor offered us an excellent and clever lecture. I believe that researches like this will provide, undoubtedly, more richness to our lives with regard to communication between cultures. Really, it was well worth attending this conference.

    Enrique Valverde 5º CAL

  4. In his lecture, Profesor Ruslan tried to show us that languages are extremely difficult to understand and translate for computers and even humans in some cases.

    He told us about some kinds of problems in translation: phrasal verbs, words collocations, proverbs and useful expressions (of course, without literal meaning).

    In spite of the fact that nowadays a lot of computer systems are better and better with translations, he showed us how “google translate” and other systems made mistakes in their translations from English language to Spanish language.

    Although, from my point of view, the focus was why technology had to improve that matter, the main reason is to help other people with difficulties in understanding, for instance Asperger people. This fact makes sense in all types of researches and international projects. Therefore computers scientists must work with other disciplines to make people with difficulties feel well in their lives.
    Manuel Varón 5ºCAL

  5. The lecturer is knowledgeable, good in communication (in spite of the fact that he began his speech quite too quickly for some learners, but his pronunciation is nearly perfect and his language is plain) and imaginative.
    The contents were pretty interesting, because he told about the problems of collocations, false friends, metaphors, sayings and some words which have several meanings. What´s more, he gave a few pieces of advice to the learners who understand only a percentage of a speech.
    In my opinion, the conference was great, because the lecturer was able to create a comfortable and positive learning environment.
    Manuel Ballesteros 5º CAL